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In Situ Crankshaft Repair

Crankpins from 100 to 600mm diameter repaired in situ. On ships generators and main engines, shore based engines in diesel power stations and mines. Work is often carried out at sea and in remote areas.

Damaged Shaft Repair

Shafts repaired from 80 to 1500mm diameter in any situation (subject to access). Examples include: Ball mill trunnions, Journals on steel making vessels, waste management percolators, ventilator fan shafts, cement mill kiln support rollers, ships tail shafts etc.

Keyways Repaired In Situ

Keyways on shafts from 20 to 300mm diameter repaired in situ. Slots in construction beams can also be cut on site.

services list

  • ROTARY HONING - Belt driven honing head, self centering for minimum metal removal. Most commonly used on diesel engine crankpins. Belt driven externally through crankcase door.
  • MACHINING HEADS - Chain driven machining heads which locate and revolve on unworn areas of the shaft. These are used when large removal of metal is necessary or when the concentricity of the damaged area is critical.
  • PORTABLE LATHES - These revolve on a mandrel which is attached to the end of the shaft. They are used on stub shafts or where the damaged journal is adjacent to the end of the shaft.
  • PORTABLE KEY MILL - This can be attached to any size shaft for milling keyways or oil ways.

additional services


Damaged shafts can be built up by metal spraying or welding, (as required) and then machined and honed back to original size.

  • Industrial - Steel Making Plant, Cement Mills, Ball Mill Trunnions, Petrol Chemical Plant, Glass Manufacture
  • Marine - Main Engine & Generator Crankpins, Tail Shaft Journals, Turbine Shaft Journals, Crane Pintles
  • Mining - Winder Journals, Crusher Shafts, Ventilator Fan Shafts, Generator Journals
  • Power Generation - Slip Ring Refurbishment, Turbine Rotor Journals, Pedestal End Journals, Fan Shaft Journals, Ball Mill Trunnions